Tegan Taylor interview with Julia Guillard

Tegan Taylor interview

In May 2002, I was engaged by Germaine Johnson-Turner, National Account Manager of Soundfilmstudio, to work with makeup on the David Cooper Lecture with the ABC presenter NEWS presenter Tegan Taylor and Julia Guillard.

Tegan Taylor is a health and science reporter for the ABC and co-host of the ABCs multi-award- winning Coronacast.

It was a great pleasure to work with Tegan, she has a bright and kind personality and even though we had a very tight time for hair and makeup, we had a pleasant chat while she was sitting on my makeup chair.

My HD makeup for her that day was quite natural andadapted to enhance her best features while concealing the flaws against the amount of texture that can be captured by an HD camera lense.

Here some BTS photos and a video while we chat about life in Sydney (and what’s the best Eastern suburb to live in!) along with the YouTube video of the interview.

Link to David Cooper Lecture, Tegan Taylor talk with Julia Guillard

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