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  • Backstage make-up tips from the pros (that you can actually use!)

    Mixing black and brown mascara to create the most luscious lashes, using hairspray to define the brows, applying blush under foundation for that radiant look..these are just a few of the life-changing makeup tricks I’ve picked up while hanging out backstage! And the biggest revelation has been that most makeup artists do not carry every…

  • Chameleon UV Makeup line

    Chameleon UV Makeup line

    In 2019 Chameleon makeup launched its first Makeup line by Chameleon body art, a complete serie of cruelty free UV reflective liquid liners available in different size palettes along with a collection of opalescent glitters. After a careful suppliers comparison and market research, Giorgia selected these products with her client mind, to guarantee a high…

  • I Feel no Fear by Santino Salvadore 


    I Feel no Fear by Santino Salvadore 

    I was asked by a very talented songwriter and musician Santino Salvadore to be the protagonist artist of his music video “I Feel no Fear” under the direction of Dario James Salamone, a co-director of the Marvel Thor and Planet of the Apes. I felt straight away honoured, not only to work along such skilled…

  • Tegan Taylor interview with Julia Guillard


    Tegan Taylor interview with Julia Guillard

    In May 2002, I was engaged by Germaine Johnson-Turner, National Account Manager of Soundfilmstudio, to work with makeup on the David Cooper Lecture with the ABC presenter NEWS presenter Tegan Taylor and Julia Guillard. Tegan Taylor is a health and science reporter for the ABC and co-host of the ABCs multi-award- winning Coronacast. It was…