Event Styling

The point of decorating is to create the background for the best life you can have”

Deborah Needleman

Even while Event styling can be highly challenging, the transformation of a venue is always incredibly rewarding. 

Growing up in her family’s business and being heavily influenced by Milan, one of the world’s fashion capitals, Giorgia has always been captivated by interior design and interior decor.

She developed her skills and worked with styling, Visual Merchandising, props creation, and closely partnered with other creatives and interior designers throughout her career in fashion and design.

Giorgia specializes in Events Styling; she frequently makes custom-made and branded props on client request, from a variety of materials, which she then paints and embellishes.

She can adjust her installations to a variety of different settings including boats, indoor and outdoor venues, festivals, clubs, bars, restaurants and more.

Today, Giorgia frequently collaborates with some of Sydney’s most prestigious venues and promoters to style private events, business gatherings, Xmas parties, weddings, food stations, and more.

To name some of her clients:

Modern and historical city venues

The Argyle 

Home the venue 


Cadman cruises 

Sydney event cruises 

Bistros, Restaurants and Pubs

The Watsons 

On the Greens 

The Fernery 

El Camino 


Mothership studios 

Brazen lot 

Night clubs

Boogie Mountain 

The Bridge hotel 




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