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  • Chameleon UV Makeup line

    Chameleon UV Makeup line

    In 2019 Chameleon makeup launched its first Makeup line by Chameleon body art, a complete serie of cruelty free UV reflective liquid liners available in different size palettes along with a collection of opalescent glitters. After a careful suppliers comparison and market research, Giorgia selected these products with her client mind, to guarantee a high…

  • I Feel no Fear by Santino Salvadore 


    I Feel no Fear by Santino Salvadore 

    I was asked by a very talented songwriter and musician Santino Salvadore to be the protagonist artist of his music video “I Feel no Fear” under the direction of Dario James Salamone, a co-director of the Marvel Thor and Planet of the Apes. I felt straight away honoured, not only to work along such skilled…