Special Effects SFX

Don’t wake me for the end of the world, unless it has very good special effects”

Roger Zelazny

Giorgia has used Special FX makeup to create illusions, non-human creatures (fantasy and zombies), aged characters, scars, burns, fight wounds, bruises, bold caps, and more on movies sets, events and theatrical productions.

Her area of expertise includes the creation of prosthetics from the ground up: from concept design to mould creation, clay sculpting, painting and final application to face and body parts using skin-friendly durable glues.

Over the years, she has become accustomed to working with specific SFX materials such as fake blood, silicone, liquid latex, gelatine, alcohol-based palettes and spirit gum.

Giorgia takes pride in her critical thinking, attention to detail, and excellent blending abilities.

She truly believes that the secret to a perfect SFX Design is to fool the eye and persuade the target that that specific character actually exists!

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