I Feel no Fear by Santino Salvadore 

I Feel No Fear | Santino Salvadore

I was asked by a very talented songwriter and musician Santino Salvadore to be the protagonist artist of his music video “I Feel no Fear” under the direction of Dario James Salamone, a co-director of the Marvel Thor and Planet of the Apes.

I felt straight away honoured, not only to work along such skilled professionals, but also because this particular song is very important to him, being the first one he ever wrote in English about 10 years ago.

Santino is also renowned for often showcasing artists in his music videos to create collaborations and support the artist community, in which himself is thriving.

For this video I recreated on myself 3 different make up looks:

  • an optical effect of a sliced face 
  • an eccentric colourful Pierrot with a 20s twist
  • and…Santino himself! 

For all these 3 looks I have utilised a combination of mainly Kryolan & Mac makeup and TAG face paint and merged different techniques from the transformative theatrical makeup to the Drag and Period one.
I was able to finalised the most complicated look in 4 hours with a very early morning start (5.30am!!) while for the other 2 I only had a max of 45mins each.

It was an incredible experience and it was well paid off not only by our overall satisfaction and viewers reviews, but also by an incredible surprise…

“I Feel no Fear” earned the 2nd place at the London Music Video Festival 2022!

Song written, arranged and produced by Santino Salvadore Music
Mixing engineer: Adrian Hoehne

Produced by Dario James Salamone & Santino Salvadore Music
Directed by Dario James Salamone
Assistant  Director and Art Director: Angie White
Cinematography by William Jordan
Camera Assistant: @Alexander Augier
Starring: Giorgia Chierici
Make-up Artist: Chameleon body art (Giorgia Chierici)
Hairdresser: @Simona Mastropietro

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