Backstage make-up tips from the pros (that you can actually use!)

Giorgia Chierici
Giorgia Chierici

Mixing black and brown mascara to create the most luscious lashes, using hairspray to define the brows, applying blush under foundation for that radiant look..these are just a few of the life-changing makeup tricks I’ve picked up while hanging out backstage!

And the biggest revelation has been that most makeup artists do not carry every single item to cover every single situation on hand. Many, in fact, work with less than what I have sitting on my own dressing table. The trick lies in knowing how to squeeze the last drop of benefit from every single product

So here are some of the most surprising backstage makeup tricks and secrets I learnt in the dreamy fashion backstage world:

1. For a flawless effect, mix concealer with moisturiser in a ratio of 1 to 3. You can use it around the eyes, the nose – anywhere. It blends easily and makes the skin look perfect.

2. To give skin a beautiful, natural looking luminosity, apply highlighter  before foundation.

3. Powder is the only makeup applied with a downward motion: you do this to smooth down facial hairs.

4. For a sun-kissed look, take a bronzer that’s one shade darker than your natural skin tone (never go darker than this!) and draw the number ‘3’ on both sides of the face:  starting with the forehead, then the cheeks and finally the chin.

5. For the most natural glow, smile and dab liquid highlighter just above the apples of the cheeks, blending it upwards and outwards, towards the temples in the shape of a Nike swoosh

6. Make an opaque, pigmented lip gloss last longer by layering lip pencil underneath it (all over your mouth) as a base. Even if the gloss starts fading, you’ll still have the colour.

7. To give the illusion of bee-stung lips, outline them with a pale gloss, then colour in with a darker gloss. Over time, the deeper shade will fade into the paler one, making lips look full and sensual.

8. Use brown mascara on your lower lashes rather than black, even if you use black on the top lashes. This gives the lashes a good contrast and opens up the eyes. Also, too much black mascara on the bottom “can just drag the eye down”.

9. brighten the model’s eyes with a dot of pale gold cream shadow at the inner corners to make them look wide open and impactful.

10. Use hairspray rather than gel to keep unruly eyebrows in check. Spray a strong hold spray on to a disposable mascara wand and comb through the brows. It’s much finer and will last all day.

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